3417 "Gordon Pettitt"
2 September 2004

Repainted to look something like it would have done in 1967 as one of the original 20 VEPs, 3417 leaves Farnborough station on a Waterloo to Southampton stopping service led by 3434. Differences to how the unit would originally have looked include grey painted window frames instead of the original aluminium, the yellow warning panel would only have been in the area within the corridor connector, it would not have had the headlight or orange cantrail line, and  the unit was originally numbered 7717. Units 7721 (3421) upwards had full yellow ends on introduction. Oh, and of course I mustn't forget those orange curtains.

Most of the VEPs have had various cars swapped out over the years but as far as I can make out 3417 is running with three out of  four of it's original coaches, only the MBSO being a different number from when it was 7717.

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