Class 90
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90001 at Liverpool Street 30-Dec-2005 90004 'City of Glasgow' at Euston 4-Sep-2003 90004 'Eastern Daily Press' at Norwich 7-Jun-2011 90005 'Vice Admiral Lord Nelson' at Stratford 30-Jan-2008
90006 'Modern Railways Magazine/Roger Ford' at Norwich Crown Point 5-Apr-2007 90006 'Modern Railways Magazine/Roger Ford' at Norwich 6-Jun-2011 90009 at Norwich Crown Point 5-Apr-2007 90010 at Euston 13-Oct-1990
90010 at Liverpool Street 1-Oct-2005 90010 at Stratford 1-Sep-2017 90013 'The Evening Star' at Norwich 7-Jun-2011 90014 at Liverpool Street 1-Oct-2005
90006 'Norfolk and Norwich Festival' at Norwich Crown Point 5-Apr-2007 90014 'Norfolk and Norwich Festival' at Ipswich 10-May-2010 90015 'The International Brigades SPAIN 1936-1939' at Euston 4-Sep-2003 90015 'Colchester Castle' at Norwich 7-Jun-2011
90016 at Stafford 24-Jun-2015 90019 'Penny Black' at Liverpool Street 13-Apr-2004 90019 'Multimodal' at Doncaster 23-Jan-2018 90020 'Collingwood' at Edinburgh 26-Jan-2010
90021 at York 29-May-2004 90022 'Freightconnection' at Euston 1-Oct-2005 90023 at Euston 13-Apr-2004 90024 at Colchester 10-Apr-2004
90026 at Euston 1-Oct-2005 90028 at Edinburgh Waverley 30-May-2005 90028 'Vrachtverbinding' at Toton 30-Aug-1998 90029 and 90018 'The Pride of Bellshill' at Stafford 26-Feb-2016
90130 'Fretconnection' at Stafford 6-Jul-1993 90031 'The Railway Children Partnership' at Liverpool Street 13-Apr-2004 90034 at Gresty Bridge 19-Jul-2014 90035 and 90019 'Multimodal' at Tebay 17-Jun-2020
90035 at Carlisle 18-Jul-2015 90036 at Euston 4-Sep-2003 90036 at Stratford 8-Aug-2006 90037 'Spirit of Dagenham' at Stafford 17-Nov-2017
90038 at York 5-Jun-2004 90041 at Beattock 26-Sep-2008 90042 at Liverpool Street 3-Sep-2002 90042 at Stafford 22-Jan-2015
90043 'Freightliner Coatbridge' at Stafford 23-May-2011 90049 and 90045 at Rugeley 25-May-2011 90046 at Ipswich 10-May-2010 90147 at Crewe Works 21-May-2000
90049 at Rugeley 2-May-2011